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How did modern bathroom cabinets develop?


    The development of bathroom cabinets can be said to have a long history and a long history. Bathroom cabinets are the most primitive toilet tools commonly used by ancient people, such as stoneware, wood, porcelain, etc., with various shapes, simple functions, and relatively heavy volume. In the Ming Dynasty, with the prosperity of furniture manufacturing technology, some used wooden furniture with some daily toiletries such as washbasins and towels, the bathroom cabinet has entered people's lives since then. Now the bathroom cabinet is no longer just a basin for washing your face, but a space for storing items, and has long become an important piece of furniture for the overall style according to different decoration styles.

    Modern bathroom vanities feature a lot more drawer storage than they used to. Drawers are easier to access and offer more flexibility for the organization. The height of your vanity will depend somewhat on whether you want a sink that's flush with the countertop or a vessel sink that sits on top of it. The new standard height for the bathroom vanity is 36”—the same as in the kitchen.

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