How To Use Combination Lock For Sale

  •        Step 1: Preparation

          Ready to turn off energy. Common energy types are (electrical energy, mechanical energy, air energy, etc...) and its potential hazards. Put the isolation protection device (safety padlock), and prepare to turn off the energy

           Step 2: Notification of work

          Notify operators and management personnel of ongoing work that may be affected by the isolation and protection of the machine.

           Step 3: Close the job

          Turn off equipment or machinery

          Step 4: Locking work

          Use appropriate safety locking devices to lock all energy sources to shut down equipment or machinery. When locking, make sure no one can open the switch or valve. Then put a warning label on the safety lock to prevent accidental operation.

          Step 5: Test work

          Test all machine controls and circuits to ensure that the energy is completely isolated.

          Step 6: Maintenance work

        The combination lock for sale is repaired and maintained according to different machine usage conditions. For example, some require maintenance once a month, some are longer...

          Step 7: Return to normal operation

          When all the work is completed and the locking/tagout device is released, please confirm that all tools and mechanical circuit locking devices have been removed. Be sure to notify all workers before resupplying energy.