Safety Performance Of Combination Lock For Sale

  • Remind us that we must not look at the design of the key handle when buying a lock, the most important thing is the design of the key itself!

    At present, the A-level safety padlock keys on the market mainly have one-word keys and cross keys. The internal structure of the A-level lock cylinder is very simple, limited to the changes of the marbles, and the marble grooves are few and shallow. Anti-technical opening time within 1 minute, the mutual opening rate is extremely high. The marble structure is a single row of marbles or a cross lock.
    Class B lock
    Class B lock keys are flat keys with double rows of marble slots. The difference from Class A locks is that the key surface has an extra row of curved and irregular lines. There are three main types of lock cylinders, computer double-row lock cylinders, double-row crescent lock cylinders, and double-sided blade lock cylinders. Anti-technical opening time within 5 minutes, the mutual opening rate is high. With a strong twisting tool, the lock cylinder can be opened within 1 minute.
    Lock God Super C Lock
    The key shape is a key slot with a blade structure on the front and back, and the lock cylinder is a double-column lock cylinder; it cannot be opened technically after 800 minutes by the Ministry of Public Security, and the regional mutual opening rate is zero (one in 100 billion). The blade structure is 48 blades and double-sided pillar locking; if the lock cylinder is opened with a strong twisting tool, the inner part of the lock cylinder will be damaged, and the lock will self-explode and lock, making it impossible to open.
    combination lock for sale teaches you how to choose a safe lock:
    Buy a lock and look at the "teeth" of the key. The more teeth, the deeper the teeth, the more complex the arrangement, the greater the difficulty of opening, and the better the anti-theft performance.