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The Impact Of Not Maintaining The Standard Dial Combination Loc

  • brass padlock is a common security protection tool, because many users don't care about it after locking it; therefore, there will be a series of problems with brass padlock. Let's discuss it in detail below:


    1. Lock the beam without jumping

    The lock beam does not jump mostly because the shape and position tolerance of the lock beam is too large. Insert the key into the lock core, turn it to the open position, and knock it down gently with a small hammer.


    1. The lock core does not turn

    The non-turning is because of the high friction. The lock cylinder and the lock body are corroded if the brass padlock is not used for a long time. Pour a small amount of diesel and gasoline into the lock cylinder to solve the problem.


    1. The key is stuck in the lock body

    If the key breaks into the lock body from the root, you can directly use tweezers and other tools to clamp it out; if it breaks into the lock core from the middle, you can only remove the seven-hole seal on the lock body, pop it out, install it again, and seal it with aluminum wire .


    1. The key is blocked

    This is caused by the long use time of the standard dial combination lock. Sprinkle some graphite in the keyhole. The pencil lead is commonly used. Do not pour lubricant into it.