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Skills For Selecting Laminated Steel Padlock

  •    Pick good security performance. The main choice is to choose the laminated steel padlock with more key teeth. The more the teeth, the lower the lock interlock rate with the greater the change in the height of the teeth.
       Pick good flexibility and performance. Insert and remove the key, check whether it is smooth or not, switch it on and off a few times, and see if the screwing is effortless, if it is not smooth, the flexibility of the pond is not good.
       Pick strong performance. Look at the variety and thickness of the material used in the lock. For example, the door lock uses 12-meter high-quality steel plate, while some use only 8-meter normal steel plate. The firmness of the latter is obviously much worse. Length, thickness and width, the larger these dimensions, the higher the firmness. The easiest way is to squeeze the locks of the same kind by hand. Generally, the firmness of the heavy weight is good.
       Pick a good appearance. Take a look at the appearance of the safety padlock, whether the electroplating gloss is good or not, just feel it smooth, flat, and no discomfort.