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Problems In The Use Of Standard Dial Combination Lock

  • standard dial combination lock belongs to a universal special tool for security protection, because many customers do not pay attention to it after they have locked the lock; therefore, a series of problems will occur in the circuit breaker lock. Let’s actually discuss it below: 1. The lock beam does not jump The lock beam does not jump mostly because the size tolerance of the lock beam is too large. Insert the key into the lock core, rotate it to the open position, and knock it down gently with a hammer. 2. The lock cylinder does not rotate because of the large sliding friction force. There is no need for a breaker lock for a long time. The lock cylinder and the lock body have rust, and a small amount of diesel engine and car gasoline can be poured into the lock cylinder. Can solve difficulties. 3. The key is stuck in the lock body. If the key breaks into the lock body from the root, it can be clamped out immediately with special tools such as medical tweezers; if the lock core is broken in the middle, only the seven-hole seal on the lock body can be removed and ejected. Install it when it comes, and seal it with aluminum wire. 4. The key is blocked when it is inserted because it has been used for a long time. Sprinkle some high-purity graphite in the key hole. The common one is a pencil lead. Do not pour grease into it.

    The circuit breaker lock is a kind of safety lock used on the circuit breaker, which involves the safety level, so the raw material level is relatively more critical. Let’s come together below which material is used to make the circuit breaker lock. ? The raw material selected for the circuit breaker lock is plastic. Many customers who see plastic locks will be very frustrated. Plastic is very easy to be damaged due to a large amplitude and it is also very vulnerable to environmental hazards. If you are of this kind of opinion Customers, then, the product of the circuit breaker lock will let you know that high-quality plastic is not a metal material. The plastic used in this product is not only simple plastic, but this type of plastic that has undergone unique production and processing must go to general metal. The compressive strength of the products must be ensured to give customers peace of mind for each application, and the service life of high-quality plastics must be higher than that of metal locks. Metal materials are very susceptible to corrosion by precipitation and rust. Looking back at the circuit breaker lock because it is made of plastic, the water’s harm to this product is very small. The unique price of mutual cooperation can definitely be normal in a large natural environment. application.

    Brief description of the relevant models and specifications of circuit breaker locks 1) Small circuit breaker locks: The key is made of high-strength epoxy resin, which is convenient to lock; 2) Small circuit breaker locks: This product is made of high-strength epoxy resin, which is resistant to Impact, the sawtooth shape of the stainless steel plate makes the lock stronger, and is suitable for a large number of circuit breakers; the distinctive design can be used in 380v/600v circuit breakers, and suitable for circuit breakers with handles up to 41mm and 15.8mm 3) Universal circuit breaker locks: The new circuit breaker locks are made of steel, zinc, aluminum alloy profiles and high-strength polyester raw materials, which are durable; the design of the guide rail slide block is timely and convenient to use. It can be applied to handle locks and also It can cooperate with the application of steel rope locks, which is the meaning of a new generation of circuit breaker locks; 4) New circuit breaker locks: The new circuit breaker locks are made of high-strength epoxy resin, which is a distinctive Jaws mouth design. The teeth are made of metal and are equipped with fixed screws, which give stronger occlusion of the teeth of the circuit breaker handle. They can coordinate with each other to adjust the partition and the rulers on both sides of the lock. The length of the stroke arrangement of the power switch of various circuit breaker handles Submit the loosening of the reasonable control handle to make it safer.

    The circuit breaker lock is a kind of safety hardware lock used on the circuit breaker. It has a very important role. Let's take a look at why this is said. In fact, the circuit breaker lock has a very critical function in the enterprise and works with the enterprise. The safety hook of personnel and assets, the application of circuit breaker lock can complete the function of warning and maintenance, and reasonably handle the safety hazards of circuit breaker products. Due to the danger of circuit breaker products, if you accidentally turn off or touch Contacts are very likely to cause threats to the safety of corporate staff and their funds, and even lead to safety accidents, which will seriously endanger the production and manufacturing of the company, and cause damage to the assets of the company’s operators. The application of the circuit breaker lock is to lock the circuit breaker product, completely avoid the potential safety hazards caused by the safety accident, and remove the danger from the source. The structure of the circuit breaker product is purposeful and innovative, and its structure is effective for the circuit breaker. The product has developed a design plan and selected an excellent structural plan design, resulting in a compact circuit breaker lock product with a small size and light weight. Rubber products are used as the raw material for the circuit breaker lock. The brass padlock for sale has excellent dielectric strength. , Which greatly gives the product a safety factor, is a contemporary safety protection material.