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Introduction Of Brass Padlock For Sale Brand

  •        February is the time when spring flowers bloom again, but at this time, because there will be rain from time to time, the air humidity in the south will be very high, and every corner of the house may become very humid. This is the time to test the quality of the standard dial combination lock at home.
           Because the quality of hardware locks is good or bad, one of the criteria is the time of the salt spray test, because metal is very easy to corrode and rust when exposed to humid air, so the surface of the hardware locks that are frequently contacted at home will be electroplated several layers, or It is sprayed with paint to prevent direct contact between humid air and metal.

           As a brand of door locks for ten years, most of the hardware locks produced by Alice are made of zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is a metal that is easy to shape. Therefore, the design of hardware locks will be very fashionable, but it is precisely because of the use of In addition to zinc alloy, the corrosion resistance is not as strong as that of stainless steel. Therefore, zinc alloy handle locks and other door control hardware need to be electroplated more than seven layers.

           Generally speaking, relatively cheap and corrosion-resistant stainless steel door locks basically do not require electroplating, but their anti-corrosion properties are very good, but they may not be as good as zinc alloy door locks in terms of shape and texture.

           Friends who live in the south, because there will be rainy weather several times a year, you should pay attention when buying hardware locks at home. When buying door locks, if it is a zinc alloy, you must see if the surface plating layer is damaged or not enough Thick, stainless steel door locks are doped with iron to prevent being deceived by unscrupulous merchants.

           But don’t worry too much. Generally speaking, the products of the top ten brands of brass padlock for sale are very guaranteed. In addition to appearance, function, service life and quality, they are all very trustworthy. Don’t be greedy for cheap and choose inferior products. Enough.