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The Standard Dial Combination Lock Is Convenient

  • The standard dial combination lock is undoubtedly convenient. They have a list of numbered dials, which you can turn to open the lock. You don't need to use the key, just turn each dial to the correct number. However, although convenient, the combination locks provide a lower level of security than key locks. To understand the truth about combination locks and why they look pale compared to high-quality key locks, read on.

    The working principle of the code lock
    Although there are different types of combination locks, they all have a dial to open the lock—usually a digital dial. Each dial is connected to an internal locking mechanism, such as a pin. When you turn the dial to the correct number, it will release the locking mechanism of the connection. The code lock will only be opened after turning all the dials to the correct position.

    Some combination locks also support the use of keys. In other words, brass padlock for sale thinks that you can open them by turning the dial to the correct position or inserting and turning the key.