I am going to be a member shortly

  • I am going to be a member shortly, and I wish to OSRS gold get my rc around 92 so I can do double nats for money. Firstly, the ZMI Altar is definitely the fastest rc xp right? Second, the banker requires you to provide him 20 of any one rune so as to use the bank. When I craft my runes, will it gives me distinct kinds, or can it provide me all of the exact same rune? (If I have 28 ess, will it give me 28 air runes, or 5 nats, 2 bodies, 12 airs, etc.) Thirdly, my stats are in sig below. Do you think that I am going to have the ability to take the brief route without having much trouble? And what should I wear that is mild and will give me decent protection in precisely the exact same moment?

    ZMI altar gives you random runes so that you will be given a combination of arbitrary runes. It's the fastest experience with lunar spellbook. Your route needs to be: Tele to ZMI altar, Pray if mandatory, Proceed stairs, Bank (You lose about 60 fire runes a lender excursion with pouches and familiar), Run through monsters to altar craft, Tele and repeat. You need to wear light things such as spottier cape, boots of lightness, and prayer things like monk robes and saradomin novel. You should not take to much damage ont he run to the altar. Abyssal parasite/lurker/titan is the very best familiar you can use to craft because it carries 7 more pure essence a trip.

    You can also abuse the deposit all attribute that was recently published. To do so fill your lender in order for your lender can't bank anymore items, ensure that you have space to stack all your runes EXCEPT flame rune which you ought to use to start the lender. So when you do so and you press on the Deposit all button you'll bank everything you just crafted in one click and your own components and fire runes will remain because you can't put it in your bank because of bank room. Doing so will save you a lot of time overall. If you choose not to do that you should drop low level runes as your running back into the ladder. Run should be on at all times and you should have a book or super energy potions. Ok please answer my queries in a response! 1. I am going to range them have 58 range can I get it done? 2. 3. I would have high alch runes in my backpack and 20 monkfish and 1 beg potion. 4. I really dont want to find strike by the monsters from gwd soooo will I need a symbol out of every god or just armadyl? 5. Here would be my cb stats... Now here is the bog question Id have been waiting for. Any suggestions? I am fuzzy with Agility, therefore I believe that Ape Atoll is good if you've unlocked it. Herblore - In 55 and I want it in 60. I really don't wish to shell out too much money, but I don't mind investing some. Try super strikes if you really wish to shell out cash. Kingdom of Miscellania/Managing your Kingdom - Is it updated every 24 hours? Dunno, I think so. Quest Points - I am looking at getting my Quest Points up to around 150. Currently at 103, what quests should I perform? Suggest some, and I'll say if I've completed those or not. Rite now I would like to go more using range to pvp, but im not sure how my ensemble must look with 45 def. Rite now I use rune full helm, black dhide top, rune thighs, rune kite shield, rune cbow, and ava's accumulator. What do u think I should change together with my existing outfit or cheap RuneScape Mobile gold should I need to just use a different outfit entirely? Hey Sal's, it is Scry again. And I've another question. I recently beat Monkey Madness and wish to try Desert Treasure.