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Maybe it could give you infinite

  • As soon as they mine an essence, a portal will appear in RS gold which the stone was. They can use that portal to depart, but if they wish to keep going, following the essence is mined, another one is going to appear in one of the various caverns. The participant can only mine four essence per play. The stone will be grey. Air essence is going to be whitened, in the shape of the atmosphere symbol.

    Water Essence will be sky blue, in the form of the water symbol. Earth essence, green, shaped as an Earth Symbol. Fire, red, shaped as the flame symbol. The Process: The process where you smith the armor. There will be multiple wizards additional, spread over P2P RuneScape. You must finish a task for those wizards, and they will teleport you to an altar, in which you"smith" the essences. There'll be a bank , as you likely won't have your essences together with you. The lender will probably be Wizard Narvich, who will magically withdraw essence only from your bank. You tell him that essence you want, and he will set it in your inventory.

    The armor is going to be the same color as they character from which it had been crafted. There are particular smithing levels for certain components, which will be told in another article. Interesting idea. However, sounds a lot like the storm/flame/stone/iceforged from Guild Wars, not saying it, or even play that, purely commenting. The stats would be fine, but I'm glad to see some sort of elaboration at last. How? You don't explain in any way. Can'Fire Armour' give you a bonus against dip, assault etc? Would it burn your competitor occaisionally, and if so, for what damage?

    Maybe it could give you infinite, or a little supply of fire runes, such as cheap OSRS gold staves, although that could be powered. Where do you access the minigame, and do you really need any prerequisites for this? Lastly, can these items be traded between players sold to the general store. If this is so, store costs please.