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Notes On The Use Of Flannel Fleece Blanket

  • Flannel fabric is deeply loved by consumers because of its performance, and wool blankets are also welcomed by everyone because of their advantages. Today we are going to talk about the flannel fleece blanket .

    The wool blanket has natural hair peaks, loose hair quality, smooth hair surface, fine and smooth hand feeling, and easy to comb. The color is bright and the pattern is simple and natural.

    When using a flannel fleece blanket, you need to be careful not to expose the wool blanket to high temperatures (such as boiling water, electric blankets, direct sunlight, etc.) and forced detergents. If the wool on the surface of the product falls due to packaging or long-term folding, please unfold and shake the product. Restore the original elasticity, so that it will not damage its softness.

    During maintenance, avoid contact with sharp, rough objects and strong alkaline objects; choose a cool and ventilated place to cool in the sun and dry it before storing; during the storage period, the cabinet should be opened regularly, ventilated, and kept dry; in hot and humid seasons, it should be kept dry. Let it dry several times to prevent mildew.

    However, no matter what kind of fabric or clothing, most of the above matters should be paid attention to during maintenance and use. The same is true for flannel jacquard two-tone fabric .