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How to Fold Aluminium Folding Tent?

  • 1: Take Down Tent Properly
    To take down and fold the aluminium folding tent, first remove the top cap and replace the stove jack cover, then unzip one of the doors and remove the center pole to collapse the tent.

    It is recommended to zip the doors closed before folding and rolling the tent. Pull any remaining stakes from the body of the tent.

    2: Folding Shelter Smaller and then Roll
    Next grab the peak of the tent at the grommet to bring the sidewalls together. Give the tent a good shake, to shake off dirt and moisture, then spread the tent out on the ground like a picnic blanket, keeping the tent panels together.

    Next fan or spread out the tent from the base on each side. Now from the base at each side, fold the tent in on itself to the center of the tent, and pull the underside fabric down to reduce bunching.
    Repeat the fold again on each side, until the tent is about two feet wide at the base. Now fold the peak of the tent into the body of the tent, about a quarter fold, this fold should be no longer than the length of the tent storage bag.

    Next fold the base of the tent into meet the fold of the peak, then fold the peak in again and fold one more time, this is for total folds.

    You may need to press on the tent to push out trapped air before rolling, before rolling make sure the length of the folded tent is still shorter than the tent storage bag. Then roll the tent tight and wrap the included velcro cinch strap around, to keep the tent from

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