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Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for style?

  • "The ever-expanding array of NMD Hu colorways welcomes in a new brown issue featuring “Human Race” written out in Korean embroidery. Unlike the first Dash Green version of the adidas france from late October, this iteration utilizes the classic stretch knit upper opposed to the mesh style seen in the former. Paired up with the brown is an earth grey seen on the mid-sole bumper pads, external cage, and the roped laces that lock the ankle down.

    Known for its vibrant bark, the inspiration gives way to a number of design choices. The pigskin suede at the tongue and toe cap, for example, mirror that of the eucalyptus itself as they dress in a floral pink and forested green, respectively. Adjacent, the mesh and leather framework contrasts in a neutral grey, its coloring only a jumping point for the aforementioned and the new balance france logo that embroiders with even more pink.

    Every year, Nike jumps from pack to pack, each usually a little more specific than the one previous. Music genres, art scenes, even specific cities were once in the brand’s sights — however, with their latest project, the currently unfolding “World Tour” pack, the inspiration is much more difficult to narrow down. This rings true even with the newly revealed nike air max homme, an offering that simply dresses its sides with vibrant accents.

    The “World Tour” branding also has click here place, but unlike the Air Force 1 and Blazer Mid seen prior, the text is hidden, placed only atop the insole. Instead, the colorway alone takes the focus, its base dressed with black neutrals along the top half and white across the bottom; then, atop the profile’s miniature check, the leathers overlays along the tongue, and the signature layers that run the circumference, hits of magenta and Volt come into play, overtly associating the scheme aforementioned pairs’ palettes.