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Linsheng Company Introduces The Advantages Of Spotlights

  • Linsheng   Company introduces the function of the spotlight:

    1. The advantages of spotlights are lightweight and small size, uniform spot distribution, and large spot adjustment range. When shooting, it is mostly used for large-area lighting and special lighting in special effects shooting, as well as lighting for characters and scenery props.
    2. The functions of LED spotlights are actually diverse. Since the color temperature, spot, and illuminance of LED spotlights are all controllable, it can meet the requirements of users on a variety of occasions and environments.
    3. The LED spotlight follows the design concept and use method of the traditional professional halogen tungsten Fresnel lens spotlight, with high power density LED modules and efficient aspherical concentrating system, only one-tenth of the traditional halogen tungsten spotlight The power reaches the same optical performance, and continues the necessary functions such as focusing system and shielding for professional spotlights.

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