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Requirements For Using Free Standing Boxing Bags

  • Precautions for Free Standing Boxing Bags :

    1. Be prepared for the activity, especially the arm you hit. It is better to play volleyball and basketball for a while before playing Free Standing Boxing Bags, so as to achieve the purpose of smoothing blood and moving muscles.

    2. When playing Free Standing Boxing Bags, the principle of gradual and orderly progress should be followed. The strength of the hits ranges from light to heavy, from slow to fast, and the tactics range from single tactics to combined tactics.

    3. When punching, when the fist is going to touch the Free Standing Boxing Bags, the wrist should be tight, the fist should be tight, and the fist surface should be flat. When hitting Free Standing Boxing Bags with a wrestler and a pull, the shoulders, elbows, and wrists are fully relaxed. Before the exercise, the finger joints should be hot before they can be beaten, or they can be dropped and pumped Free Standing Boxing Bags. After the fingers get hot, hit hard.

    4. The position of the fist should not only be flat, but also slightly buckled, so that the fist and the forearm are integrated, so that even if the fist is not fully clenched, it will not be contused. In addition, the contact point is the boxing peak, and then the boxing face. When contacting the Free Standing Boxing Bags, do not change the angle of the boxing and forearm in order to allow the boxing face to fully contact the Free Standing Boxing Bags. If the training intensity is high, it is recommended to use Free Standing Boxing Bags gloves (can be replaced with ordinary ankle support, the thumb is worn through the hole in the middle of the ankle support).