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China Floating Dock Factory Introduces The Characteristics Of T


    The ocean is an unpredictable place: sometimes the wind is beautiful and the level is like a mirror; sometimes the stormy waves are roaring like thunder. In order to understand its temper, people set up marine observatories on the coasts and islands to measure wave heights.

    There are different types and specifications of buoys, which can be divided into marine buoys and inland buoys according to the water area they are deployed. The basic shapes of marine buoy bodies include tank, cone, spherical, cylindrical, rod, etc. Because the buoy is affected by wind, waves and tides, the body has a certain range of floating and cannot be used as a sign for determining the position of the ship.

    If the slip knot rod-shaped buoy is used, the position is accurate, and it can be reset after being hit. Inland buoys include drum-shaped buoys, triangular buoys, rod-shaped buoys, cross-flow buoys, and left-right navigable buoys. The shape, coloring, top mark, light quality (light rhythm, light color, flash cycle) of the buoy are all made in accordance with the prescribed standards and have specific meanings.

    Below, China Floating Dock Factory introduces the role of ocean buoys:

    1. The marine buoy is an automatic marine hydrology and water quality meteorological observation station composed mainly of observation buoys anchored at sea.

    2. Marine buoys can collect the required marine hydrology, water quality and meteorological data for marine scientific research, offshore oil (gas) development, port construction and national defense construction for a long period of time as required by regulations, especially for the severe weather that is difficult for survey ships to collect. And sea state information.

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