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Hitman 3 Dartmoor Boat Key Location – Where to Find it?

  • The Boat Key is needed to complete the Don't Rock The Boat challenge in Hitman 3. This guide will show players where they can find it. While Hitman 3 only has 6 different levels to choose from, each one is meant to be played over and over again to experience every possible outcome. Not only that, but replaying levels is essential to leveling up your Mastery Level. Within each of the 6 levels, players can replay them and complete challenges to level up their Mastery Level. Leveling up this stat will unlock more weapons and equipment for players to use in other missions. The Boat Key can be found in the Dartmoor level of the game. This guide will show where players can find it.

    Hitman 3 Dartmoor Boat Key Location – Where to Find it?
    Players can find the Hitman 3 Dartmoor Boat Key location in the Greenhouse which is located in the northern section of Thornbridge Manor. Once you enter from the door, find a table where the boat key is kept. Make sure you have the Lockpick equipped with you because you will need it to open up the Greenhouse door easily.

    Here are the ways to access the Dartmoor Boat Key in Hitman 3:

        Walk up to the Greenhouse and use a Crowbar to break open the door.
        Use the lockpick you equipped to open the door when no one’s looking.
        Subdue guards, hide their bodies and take the guard disguise to enter it.

    While you are at it, though, remember to remain undetected from NPCs, especially those who can see through your disguise. If someone spots you while you are picking the lock or using the crowbar, the guards will know of your activity. If you opt for the Crowbar method, you will find one on some boxes near the Greenhouse.

    In the Garden, players will find the Greenhouse on the north end with three accessible entries. Hitman 3 players should target the western door of the Greenhouse. The western door is locked but players who have come prepared with the Lockpick can pick the lock. Hitman 3 players who did not bring the Lockpick will find a crowbar on the north side of the Greenhouse, on a stack of boxes. Once there are no NPC’s looking in the direction of the western door, players can pick the lock or use the crowbar to open the door. Picking the lock while being watched will alert the guards.

    Once you have the key, go ahead and escape from Thornbridge Manor in style with the help of the boat. Go towards the western part of the Greenhouse to get to the boat and leave the mission. Doing this will earn you 2000 XP and you will complete the Hitman 3 Don’t Rock the Boat challenge.

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