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Txyicheng Toaster Bags Let You Toast Veggie Burgers, more

  • Ever wanted a grilled cheese sandwich but didn't have time to do anything but stick some bread in the toaster? That simple act can translate into a grilled cheese sandwich if you're willing to put cheese between your slices of bread and find a way to keep it from dripping into the toaster. The NoStick Toast It BBQ Grill Mesh Mat can keep your cheese contained, along with other sandwich fixings. The bags are made from a heat-resistant material that can be reused up to 50 times and works well with any type of toaster.

    Grilled cheeses

    Perhaps one of the more famous toaster-based culinary inventions is the grilled cheese sandwich. Some might insist that, to make the perfect grilled cheese, you'll need to invest in an actual sandwich maker, or make it in a pan, but who has time for that? Your own toaster should do just as well. Simply slap your ingredients, turn the toaster on its side, and place one half of the grilled cheese — the first slice, topped with the cheese — inside the bottom slot, and the top half — the remaining piece of bread — in the top slot. Toast, then combine.

    Sweet potato toast

    Sweet potato toast is a new food trend that cropped up at the end of 2016, that was propelled into the limelight by (what else?) social media and food blogs. The big plus behind them is that they're obviously bread-free, meaning that, not only can those who are gluten intolerant enjoy them, but they also replace carbs with vitamins and fiber. Most recipes will suggest you use a microwave to make them, but a toaster will do just fine.

    Reheated Pizza

    Cold pizza is amazing — no argument there. But, when you want your leftovers to be as gooey and cheesy as they were when you first ordered them, avoid the microwave at all costs. Instead, turn your toaster (and a toaster bag) into a brick oven. I promise it's better than the soggy, chewy slice you'll get from the microwave.

    veggie burgers.

    Veggie burgers tend to be pretty dry and dense, which is why they’re sometimes called hippie hockey pucks. On the plus side, there’s little risk of them dripping fat or disintegrating inside your toaster.

    Garlic bread

    This might technically be defined as garlic toast rather than garlic bread, but that's not the bit that makes it so good anyway, is it? The recipe is simple: slice your bread (and it can be basically anything, including baguettes, as long as you cut it longways), spread on your garlic butter, which you should be able to make with a bowl or mortar and pestle, add on any other seasoning you might want, then toast.

    Tortilla chips

    Your toaster can also provide you with a slightly quicker way of making tortilla chips from scratch, if you're looking to impress people with Mexican food in a hurry. Simply cut a flour tortilla into wedges, place them in a toaster bag (you really don't want to be digging through your toaster for lost chips after this, especially if they're still hot) and heat them on a medium setting.

    There's honestly no limit, and the best thing is that many of the things you might choose to eat with your toast could, with the help of a toaster bag, well be cooked in the other slot of your toaster, too, like bacon or vegetables. Go raid the fridge and start experimenting. TongXiang YiCheng Silicone Mat Manufacturers is your good choice, click to buy toaster bags, and when used and cared for properly, they will last for a long, long time!