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Txyicheng Tips to Cleaing Your BBQ Grill Mesh Mat

  • The BBQ Grill Mesh Mat is an accessory that makes life a little easier and also unlocks new ways to use your grill. It’s essentially a reusable, safe to use thin mat with no gap that sits on top of your grates while you cook. Food stays off your grates, doesn’t fall through to the flame, and the barrier between your flame and food prevents flare ups and scorched food.

    Cleaning Your Grill Mat

    Just like cleaning your grill, you should be cleaning your grill mat. One of the biggest selling points of non-stick products is that it’s easy to clean.

    Here are some tips to safely clean a grill mat:

    Always wash your mats immediately after use.

    Don’t use steel wool, scouring pads, or harsh chlorine detergents as they may scratch and penetrate the surface of the grilling mat.

    If there’s tough residue, soak the mats in soapy water for about an hour or longer before wiping them clean with a microfiber cloth, paper towel, or cotton towel.

    Nylon-scrubbing pads are ideal for cleaning grill mats.

    If your grill mat is dishwasher safe (most are), put the mats on the top rack of your dishwasher and run it on hot to remove any stubborn residues.

    Should your non-stick grill mat start to peel or get heavily scratched or damaged, discontinue the use of the mat to avoid pieces of the coating from being transferred to food.

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