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That is, contradictions and confrontations

  • Role conflict. That is, contradictions and confrontations occur between or within the roles, which hinder the smooth progress of role-playing. There are two types of role conflicts. One is conflict between different bearers, such as conflict between husband and wife, conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. It is often caused by antagonisms in role interests, differences in role expectations, CCosplay    and deviations from role norms. One is the conflict that arises within the role-holders themselves. There are several different situations: First, when a person's multiple social roles are demanding at the same time, it makes him difficult to perform and has a sense of tension in time and energy, also known as "role tension."  Wanda Maximoff Costume   Secondly, when a person's several roles are incompatible with each other, role conflicts will also occur. Preventing role conflicts can only take corresponding countermeasures according to different situations. In view of the role tension, too many part-time jobs should be reduced and the excessive burden should be relieved. In view of the conflict of role norms, the role of people should be singularized, that is, only one role can be played in one occasion.