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Enter the gate and be prepared to RuneScape

  • Sphere of Blood. Proceed to old school runescape gold the area were you fought Slash-Bash andsearch his grave. This time you'll come across a ladder in the marketplace, scale it down and you should be at the Zogre City of Zo'rege. Proceed to the Castle and ask The Queen concerning the Sphere of Orien. She'll tell you her husband is in posetion of one but it has left him cruel and wicked. Say yes and she wukk give you advice on how best to kill him.

    She will tell you he can heal promptly and throws a cursed spell that enriches all stats from 10 points. Ask were he's and she'll tell you he always enjoyed bugs, and she will give you a magical scroll. Go to the Kalphite Lair and throw the first spell on the scroll, the kalphites will all be frozen for one minute. You must hurry because the scroll only has two more fees and both are needed.

    The entrance is beneath the queen so search the floor below her and enter it. Now run beyond the level-122 hellhounds and into the area using the level-436 Omega Black Dragons. Cast the next spell out on the scrol and they will all be paralyzed. There are 3 paths that the best one goes to level-96 Daggonoths, the base has 15 rune stones, and the centre has level-136 Vampires together with the ladder you want. Run down the middle path and climb the ladder down. Create your way through the maze past the level-184 pyro warriors.

    Enter the gate and be prepared to fight the level-200 Zogre King. Attack the Zogre King with protect from magic as he will throw blood quake and a peculiar spell that drains your stats. Widdle his health down to nothing and he will transform into a level-1 weakened Zogre. Cast the final spell and it'll burn him into nothing but stays. Take them and come back to the queen. She'll reward you with all the Sphere of Blood. Bank the sphere and remains immediatly or the level-653 vengeful spirit of this Zogre King will strike you. Congradulations you finally have one of the Spheres of Orien*.

    Amulet of Orien. Get hte Key pf Hope and the Charred Key and visit Zanaris. Speak to Chaedler Concerning the Tomb of Orien. He will tell he's got the Amulet that belonged to Orien. Ask if you're able to have it and he will tell you that you can have it, and he'll tell you you can have it if you slay the Otherwordly King. Tell him and he will tell you that a portal to the Otherworld was locked up and buy RS gold no one knows were the secrets are.