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Rsgoldfast - You ought to be able to fight different creatures

  • The way to IMPROVE: If this really is a Champions Guild, why is their virtually nothing here? When you think of RuneScape gold a Champion what would you think about? A strong and skilled individual. When you consider a Champions Guild, do you believe of a few chickens and salesman? No you don't, you consider battle.

    You ought to be able to fight different creatures on a different floor for a few Combat Experience. People that I understand, and I am sure others, go here maybe once just to see it and buy a armor. Then they will never come back again. That's not what a Guild is supposed to be about. :wizard

    Another Suggestion by The Patanator. By talking to the Champion Guild Leader, he will inform you that there used to be another champions guild from the desert South of the Duel Arena. However, this old guild was just not seen as much due to the warmth of the desert. Now, the guild is over run by creatures and other beasties. However, there are still some CHALLENGE SCROLLS the Guild Master hadn't handed out that were left in the loft.

    The Guild Master will give you a Tower Ticket to give into the guards blocking off the area. After a brief conversation, they'll let you in. Read the signal on the left of the doorway before entering. The Signal basically warns you not to enter the tower. Following that, you will click a difficulty level (Easy, Medium, and Hard) The aim is to fight your way through the floors without dying and hitting the bundle in the loft. I'll discuss champion tokens later.

    After obtaining the package back into the Guild Master (there will be no monsters in your way down since you have slain them ) you will recieve"Chapmion Tokens." Champion Tokens are used to buy new items in the attic of the Guild.Here is a table of what items would cost. All of Champion items will be yellow and white, along with the cape is going to OSRS buy gold have battle symbol on it.