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Rsgoldfast - Proceed to the elemental workshop into the area

  • He will say you must also wield elemental ability and osrs fire cape service command both mind and body. Proceed to the elemental workshop into the area that has the zapper seat and across from it is a locked door with the entire body rune symbol on itOpen it with your key and search some shelves for the publication of this elemental spear.

    Go upstairs and make an elemental spear using 2 primed mind bars. Go back to the body space, wield your new spear, and pull the lever in the center. You'll stand on a giant Body Rune Symbol, and a level 400 homunculus will look. You may sew only thoughts armor against the Homunculus. After the fight is finished, your brain armor will have turned into Elemental Balance Armor. This armor has gentle melee stats. The spear (or, when you have improved sufficient through barbarian coaching, hasta) has moderate melee stats, also can auto cast spells as well.

    Return to the Ancient Cavern and try to go through the Mithril Door. You will triumph. At the center, the creatures will vanish, and a phantasm appears. The Phantasm is revealed to be part of Zaros's soul. He will attack you, inflicting huge harm if you don't have at least one piece of rotten equilibrium armor, or even the weapon.

    He uses Ancient Magics, such as Miasmic, in addition to ranged along with a melee attack with an energy dip. Defeating him is much more of a battle of wits than most battles you fight. He seems in the middle of the point, does an emote, disappears, launches an attack (in the ground, not at you, so you are able to dodge), disappears, repeat and rinse. I won't go into specifics about what occurs, come up with it yourself. If you understand what attack is coming, but not where it's going to be you can use prayer, however everytime you use astrology to block an attack, your prayer is drained a few points.

    Also, the only real temptations that have impact in here are the barbarian"combination" potions. As soon as the Phantasm is dead, he will laugh and say your efforts are pitiful in the face of Evil Incarnate. However, you did make him vanish for a little while. Head to the north of the region and there will be a dark crystal there. Smash it and get the heck out of buy fire cape osrs there.Her bolts could be fired from any crossbow.