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Rsgoldfast - Exemple of side-quests The quest is completed

  • These versions are complete and RS gold deserve the name "dragon". The final chapter has the level 500 Rorgon. Rorgon is a dragonkin. He, Wyvoch, and Nesazi are the three you saw at the end of While Guthix Sleeps. Rorgon is in a multicombat area and you should bring your friends. Instead of dying the teleporter disappears and leaves stuff in the dirt when his health is gone.

    I've been wishing that I can post this suggestion to Runescape directly however... I am a not a member and am not a paid player. This is an idea that is open to all RC members. Are you seeking a quicker way to increase your stats after you have completed all your member's or free quests?

    Well my idea, is an activity that requires you to master a skill. These side-quests are only available if you have completed all of your quests: Cooking and Crafting, making fire. Fishing, magic mining, prayer running, rangecrafting. Smithing. Woodcutting. These side-quests for members can only be used only when you have reached specific point in your quest (this will depend to the Runescape Staff): Agility Construction, Farming, Fletching, Herblore, Slayer, Theft, Summoning...

    Exemple of side-quests The quest is completed. your free quest, and you're at a low prayer level and you are having an extremely difficult time trying to gain giant bones due to other players. At the Monastery you will find one monk who will aid you.

    He offers you a random prayer side-quest that asks you to cleanse the river arround the castle of the white knights. You will need a variety of ingredients from various places such as the mystical cabage found in Draynor's Mansion Garden. After the purifier is completed, you'll need to add it to the river that flows around the castle of the white knights. There will be a lot of exp for the prayer skill once you have completed the side-quest. For every four hours, you are only able to return to cheap RuneScape gold the side-quest.