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Rsgoldfast - A wheel is spun when you kill a monstrous

  • I will explain to osrs fire cape service you what the "Ring Of Wealth" works, and there seems to be alot of confision and rumors regarding it. This is not an unsubstantiated rumor. I discovered a thread on the official Runescape Forums, it was an moderator from jagex clarifying the details about the ring. Sorry I don't have a hyperlink since i read about this thread last year.

    This is the way ROW works. The rate of rare drops does not increase when you wear the rings of wealth (ROW). It does, however, meet the requirements of its name. Rare drops will be available from this ring, however, it's more rare without it. Are you willing to purchase it? If not...

    A wheel is spun when you kill a monstrous. The wheel is composed of 80% of "common drop" 15 "rare" and 5 percent "very uncommon". The rings will not function if it stops on "common". If, however, the wheel is stopped at "rare" or "very unusual" the ring will be effective.

    The wheel that is stopped on "rare" will be spun again and the wheel will contain all the rare items. The ring is now increasing the chances of acquiring high-quality "rare" products. Since it increases the value of items that are popular this is also referred to as "wealth". If you're still not getting this. then i suggest playing neopet's or PMing me to let me know an alternative. The notion that ROW resulted in a reverse effect upon boss monsters was not true. There's no reason to believe it.

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