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RuneScape - This is a money-making guide for members

  • I'm going to ask Sals whether he is willing to RuneScape gold document resources, what time it took to acquire them, as well as your success rates in obtaining these resources. It's not necessary to go out of your way to cut or mine certain items since if enough people help out, we should have people out and about during their day collecting enough data to create complete charts.

    Anyone willing? If you have questions, I will clarify. If I receive a satisfactory response, I'll convert this thread to a Chart. After that, I'll begin collecting data to fill in the holes.

    This is a money-making guide for members at the lowest levels! Profit: +200k an hour. Take an Camelot Teleport to Grand Exchange, and you can walk all the way from Camelot all the way to Catherby. Although you can walk all of the route to Catherby it's far more difficult. Once you're in Catherby (neighbourhouse) then go to the north. Enter through the front door. In the southern portion of the house, there should be an area with a table that has an green thingy on it. You should take the green thing which is insect repellent. In the event that you don't, bees could hurt you.

    Continue to the south (To the bank). Turn west and you will see the beehives. You can open the gate and walk in. Right-click on the honeybeehive and choose the second option "Take honey." Make it quick. It should take 30 seconds to collect 27 honey.

    Then, return to Catherby East and deposit the 27 honey in a bank account. Head west to the beehives again and repeat Step 4. Repeat this for 1 hour. 27 honey is worth 4995 grams For one run, you will need just 1 minute and a half if you are quick. So in one hour you can make up to 200k! Honey is also sold on Grand Exchange for maximum price which means you could earn up to OSRS buy gold +200k an hour! This guide will have made you money.