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Pro-Am has been a huge component of 2K

  • MyCourt was once an integral component of Nba 2k22 Mt however, this feature has gotten less attention over the past few years. It was MyCourt was a facility which allowed players to develop their skills through drills. This was a great idea that rewarded players who give their all to the game.

    Since its introduction, MyPlayer's development has been limited to the practice area. The MyCourt is now available only for HORSE. The MyCourt was previously the ideal spot for players who needed to resolve rivalries. Two players could play one-on-one matches on the MyCourt and the winner would receive bragging rights.

    It's becoming more popular for players to compete at the Stage and play for virtual currencies in these types of games. The MyCourt isn't designed with a clear purpose. The idea of the MyCourt being used by Pro-Am teams to practice and relaxing is appealing to me. Pro-Am has been a huge component of 2K, and its importance has grown with the growth of eSports. MyCourt could be a space for teams to practice and debate chemistry issues.

    Player Creation Menu - The menus for creation for MyPlayers are pretty limited. There are only a handful of options available to change the skin color, eye shape, or lips. I would love to see more options within the creation suite. I want to create a character that is distinctive from other characters. Female MyPlayers - The WNBA got into NBA 2K last season, and it did well. It was refreshing to play with completely different teams. My next suggestion was inspired by the popularity of WNBA.

    There ought to be a way to create women's MyPlayer who has their own unique Career mode story. 2K Sports could write a tale in which a female basketball player makes it to the WNBA. MyCareer could be able to add a different storyline to keep the sport active for longer durations, as consumers are exposed to plenty of content. 2K Sports could refine their storytelling using this model. 2K Sports are often a bit sloppy with their game's story and the main themes. A WNBA story can explore a wide range of ideas without appearing to cheap 2k22 mt be condescending or overly preachy.