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RuneScape - If the creatures you want are high-level

  • We are so invested in this game and RuneScape gold the community it has created that it's a shock that Jagex has made an unsatisfactory update. Jagex shouldn't be offended. We hope that they feel encouraged by the fact that they have created an ethical community, and be inspired to work together to find a solution that benefits everyone.

    What are your favorite and least favorite features of beta? What are your thoughts? This update to combat isn't one I would recommend for a variety of reasons. It slows down dungeoneering. Enemies seem to be more difficult to eliminate, and you are often required to fight non-gd monsters so your adrenaline does not drop.

    Blue charms are the only ones that I pick up (3 from steel, 2 irons at a time) All other charms are not considered. PS: If the creatures you want are high-level, I will likely use magic. Any cash or runes donations that can be added to the drop log and help with the request will greatly speed up the log. PPS: Dragons are expensive and require long to complete, so it is only 200. Have fun, and hope it proves a bit usefull!

    A month ago, I was earning around 1m/hour (1 on good days) with my staking account. It was a good time for a time. You'd have people who tried to scam you with the use of a sling or crossbow (but it would be ok since you own a the sling and crossbow) You'd also have people with poor statistics, and you'd see boxers that vastly overestimate themselves, but in general it was a great time. You made money. Your opponents called you a hacker. It was a good time.

    Today, it is difficult to find anyone willing to stake. Today, I earned 40k. I literally had one person that would be willing to put me in the position and he was even 15 levels higher. The other people who are friendly are focused on winning hats which do nothing but make you look ridiculous and give you an adrenaline boost. More disturbing than the advertising accounts, people are actually prostituting their bodies by "selling" dead animals. From buy old school runescape gold this I can conclusively say that...