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This would make it similar as having all RuneScape weapons

  • Team bosses are the problem. It isn't a assure yourself that RuneScape gold you'll find the right team. It's not possible to be "complete" the game, and you should not be dependent on the other players. As for abilities, that could have been a viable option prior to the release of raids. However, now, tradeable abilities are available. This would make it similar as having all RuneScape weapons available as a requirement.

    It could be possible in the past however, Transfigure/Sacrifice/ Devotion were dropped by two bosses. I'm not sure of the implications of it. If you missed the update, I've added it to my previous post.

    It's less stressful than fishing, certainly, but it's not as relaxing as Cooking or Fletching. They're not as difficult to master as the previous two. While Fishing isn’t terrible however, I find it to be more difficult more than Woodcutting. I scored 99 WC during 2006 and 2007. I did a mix of Yews Willows Maples.

    It is easier to get things done when you have a lot of trees, and a bank/depositbox/shot near by. I can remember when the Rimmington Willows spot was pretty good, there were not a lot of people/bots there and you could sell the logs to the store. Draynor is also awesome, it's superior to Rimmington however, all places will likely be crowded with robots and/or people.

    Maples are best kept in close proximity to the bank in Seers Village. It would be ideal to cut them around 95 Woodcutting. However, Willows are still better than Maples. The Yews I wouldn't recommend, I only bothered cutting them because Woodcutting was also my way of earning money and buy 2007 runescape gold I didn't think Willows/Maples were worth the effort.