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2K Sports will pay at the reaction of the markets

  • It's a shame that basketball doesn't, unlike other sports, offer significant breakthroughs in gameplay or Nba 2k22 Mt systems. Alongside updating player information every year The game's creator 2K Sports has decided to "specialize the gameplay" of the game.

    Jidu has made a variety of improvements to the operation and even included real-time tactical switching and the adjustment of teammates' artificial intelligence settings and settings. This has changed from live-action games to real-time action and strategy games in order to be more professional than other professional.

    If the player is a long-term patron then of course, manufacturers can be encouraged to bring in these changes and corrections. Even though there are always issues in the first game launch, 2K Sports will pay at the reaction of the markets and improve their game.

    For example, in "NBA 2K19", because the three-point shot makes it easy to score it has been transformed into a "three-point shooting game." It's simpler, and the exclusive "touch slam dunk" of the next generation console can also increase the power of close players, allowing players of all types to take full advantage of the opportunities to play.

    In addition the defensive skills of the players in this particular episode have been improved. Blocking is now much easier. I've forgotten how many times a taller player was chased behind by a dribble layup hit the ball in the back. If we talk about how the five-on-five game, there's lots of room to buy 2k22 mt improve compared to the previous set of games.