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RuneScape - Red Axe members will be arriving

  • Go to the Dwarven Bootman. Instead of talking to him, stow away on the ship, and RuneScape gold you'll hear Red Axe members telling him they're taking loads of barley to "them". After a while you will be led to the Keldagrim cave, which only the Red Axe knows about. Keep an eye out for when the Red Axe members advance to the next room prior to stepping out from the vessel. You do not want to be aware of what happens if in the middle of the night.

    As they leave, sneak over to the door , and look over it for traps. After disabling the traps go through the door and look on the balcony. You'll see three Dragonkin below One of them is named: Wyvoch. Wyvoch is one of the Kin you encountered after Guthix sleeps.

    Red Axe members will be arriving. They are allies. What is the reason why the Dragonkin need allies made up of a few businessmen who have the financial power to create recessions or outright violate the law? That question is one that I am convinced will be answered by itself. The conversation continues:

    It seems that you brought the bar with adamant ring. We did indeed. Our Chaos Dwarves are taking them off the market soon. What is it that makes you need them so badly? We'll prove it. We could ask Grimmson for a favor. Let me guess, you want me to test your newest Dragon. You'll understand the reasons we're looking for Adamant soon enough.

    Colonel Grimmson will take on Adamant Dragon at level 186 in the arena. Yes. Level 186. He will easily beat it. I've told you that the animation spell wouldn't work well on an adamant. You said that regarding the Mithril Dragons as well as the Steel Dragons before them. If you could have had the choice, Elvarg could be our most powerful creation. This is just a realistic view. That's enough. While I would like to have the Adamant Dragons completed, we have another project to cheap RS gold work on here.