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RuneScape - I've purchased 3 months of membership

  • If you find a mercenary do not give up and old school runescape gold remain in a secluded area, take it on, and if you think individuals are timid and hesitant, lure them with tempting lures such like "ggs for many different salves" when the ggs is in a ramokee or mercenary.

    Do not allow your teammates to perform with so little effort. Be aware that you are taking your time and effort to help the floor. If they aren't happy and help properly, simply kick them. However, before you do that offer the player the chance to make amends by rushing to a gate further away door or somewhere.

    Sure, that'll be okay. I've not looked at your stats, but if you're successful in completing the Void Quests, the purchase of an Korasi is a nice thing to have. It's got a high chance of stab, and it's 1 Handed. Though, a Chaotic Rapier would be the ideal choice. It has a high attack speed, high stab strength, and high strength. If you strive for that then you'd be set.

    I'm thinking you'll be able to melee them with the Protect from Melee prayer. So I'd maybe switch to Recipe for Disaster Gloves, Barrows should you be able. Dragon Boots are a good choice for the Strength Bonus, as Bandos have a very low Prayer Bonus, and higher numbers of hits = faster kills = less Prayer required. I'm not sure if you can do anything for the Obsidian Cape. A Fire Cape/Soul Wars Cape/Skill Cape would be far better. But I don't know how you can obtain those yet. That's why an Obby Cape or God Cape will do the trick.

    So I've purchased 3 months of membership after having taken 2 years off. I'm half way through the first month, and I went to level 60 for melee abilities to level 70, excluding attack, which has now risen to 72. I'm hoping to improve my attack strength, defence, and attack all to 75 and then going back into Taverly dungeon to earn some cash from blue dragons. Before I go to blue dragons I'd like to get some better armour and weapons if I could. I'd like to buy osrs fire cape know which to get for equipment.