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One of the most effective skills to have in RuneScape

  • You will be earning points for OSRS gold each plant you've looked after when harvesting it. It's not an easy skill to pick up at first but it rewards players with a steady, daily cash making technique (farming the herbs). If you're looking for how to increase your earnings associated with farming check out our Farming guide.

    Another occupation that relies on clicking that requires from player time, experience and knowledge. It's a skill that is often overlooked by many players who do not increase their level, but it comes with various bonuses worth considering, like special altars for private worship, the ability to teleport and other things. Being able to have your own home in the land of Gielinor is extremely useful , but it's not free as Construction is the most expensive skill to get up.

    Not to mention that we also have a Hunter skill , which is unique in its own way. It's mostly about catching various creatures with traps and various methods. Because chinchompas captured on high Hunter levels are among the most lucrative sources of income in the game , this ability is definitely worth being trained.

    In addition to melee combat, there's also ranged Osrs. In this profession, gaining levels will allow you to fight your adversaries from far distances. If you're interested in learning what monsters to practice on, which areas are the most efficient and what types of equipment is the most effective to make use of, you can find it all here.

    One of the most effective skills to have in the game. The higher level of your magic can unlock powerful spells that assist you in your fight against other players and monsters. In addition, you will be able to apply the power of magic to benefit yourself with high alchemy, various abilities to teleport, and many other abilities. If you want to know how you can reach your max the fastest time possible or how to cheap RuneScape gold get started without spending too much money, you can read our guide.