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They are the creators of FIFA 22

  • In Seville's floodlights at the 60,000-seater La Cartuja stadium, two Andalusian sides meet on the pitch for FIFA 22 Coins the latest chapter of their fierce local rivalry. This is perhaps the most significant game of their lives and it's sure to show. Moments after kick-off, crunching slide tackles fly in as opposing players push against one another to take the ball. A last-minute challenge lights up the paper with a touch and both teams come face to face with each other, arms extended and chests bulging as they wave imaginary yellow cards at the referee.

    As the fouls pile up as do goals. Atletico Sanluque?o go 3-1 up. In the second half, CD Gerena, chasing the chance to come back, give up their possession-based, patient play. Powerful forwards and fast wingers are subbed on and long balls are hurled into the box, wave after wave of attack is deflected by dramatic leaps by Sanluque?o's centre backs. There's only a certain amount that the backs against walls defense is able to absorb. Gerena take a shot back.

    With minutes remaining, and the dreadful ache of desperation taking over feet and minds, Sanluque?o make an unstoppable breakaway. They take the win 4-2. When the players take off in celebration and the Gerena group slumps on their backs. Some do not look up, others look to the heavens. They're aware of how significant this game means. It will be remembered as one of the most important ninety minutes of football ever played. However, it won't be included in the record books.

    Instead of the club colors, each side is sporting motion capture suits from Xsens. On the touchline, players are sitting on laptops. Signalling devices with short range, that measure players' movements down to the millimetre, are sat on the ground with the production team, who are studying tablets that display live data. In a distance of thousands of miles, an animation director is looking at the game on Zoom. It's not the work of a space age Scouting team, nor of the latest coaching innovation.

    They are the creators of FIFA 22. For the first time, EA motion-captured an entire 90-minute football matchand tracked the players' movements at an extremely fine level that could then be added to buy FUT 22 Coins its animation database.