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Diablo 2 Resurrected - I absolutely smoke everything

  • My build includes two Grief Phase blades Enigma, IK Helm, Nozokan amulet, laying of d2r items hands dual leech, arach Res ring, dwarf Star and infernostride. I own a barb torch, too. I'm Sword Mastery and WW maxed, of course. If I were to get a fortitude, would that make an enormous difference?

    What's your most popular merc? The only other damage upgrade available is highlords. Which level do you belong to? Grief is a good thing because it disregarding the defense of your target (well and obviously damage) This means that you'll always get hit (well usually get hit) the white mobs. This doesn't apply to the council, however, as they're boss mobs. It's possible you're not seeing the full extent of what's happening.

    There are a few things to consider are that your character's level is considered in the "to hit" calculation, meaning that when your level is low then you'll be unable to hit (yes even when you ignore the defense of your target). You're not wearing any armor that can be used to increase your defense, such as raven or angelic frost, which can greatly boost your AR.

    A mercenary could be an immense help as well because grief causes an enormous amount of flat damage and any weapon's % added damage will have a significant impact. If you don't have a one, for instance the damage you suffer will be less than it should be. If you've put reaper's Toll on your merc , it can cause targets to shrink in size, making them more easy to hit, and causing more damage to receive. If you don't already have this feature, it's a good idea to. Enigma is okay, I use enigma using my Trav Barb, and I absolutely smoke everything. It's P8 and it's there's no issue.

    Then, Max damage charms are an additional option to greatly boost your damage. If you do not have any and you're not sure what to get, get. Think about putting down the IK the helm and getting arreats, it's too great. All of these may seem minor things, but when added together they're massive. It's possible to not believe that them, but Buy D2R items PC they're.