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World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic Gold Guide

  • World of Warcraft is basically a virtual replica of an actual world – albeit with deathly monsters and logic-bending magical powers – and hence, the currency existing in WoW Classic TBC is how it would be used in the real world: for the buying and selling of goods and services. In many cases, there is a direct relationship between the amount of WOW Classic Gold you have and the amount of utility you can bring to a group. Because there are so many consumables required to find success at the highest level of the game — especially in a PvE environment—there’s going to be a lot of gold required to keep up. Here are the best ways to quickly farm gold in WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic.

    Auction House

    The name of the game here is to buy low, sell high. Instead of spending an hour on dailies, I spend an hour combing the auction house looking for things that are a fair bit cheaper then the average. You really need to have a feel for what things actually cost for this to work. You need to be looking through the Auction House every day and know what is worth what. This section is kind of general and kind of has to be as I can’t really go over the prices of every item for every server. I can provide a couple universal tips though:

    Don’t nickel and dime. It isn’t worth it to buy something and then resell it for a gold more. You will hardly make any profit after the Auction House cut and if it doesn’t sell the first time you may lose money on the deposit. I usually shoot for at least 15g profits.

    Check items such as Primals, Shards, Void Crystals, Gems etc and familiarize yourself with their prices. Look for people who undercut by a lot, buy those items and relist at the standard price.

    Check things like boe blues/epics, Darkmoon Faire cards, ect. You can usually make a hefty profit on things like these when somebody underprices the item. These kinds of items price can fluctuate all across the board. Meaning I can buy an Apexis Crystal Mace for 40g and then turn around and sell it for 150g. The key thing to remember is there isn’t really a set market price for these items, YOU pretty much decide the market price when you post them (unless there are several on the AH at once, of course).

    Undercutting. You definitely want to undercut people. But you have to be smart about it. Things like gems and shards are not things that people are going to go without. If there is one gem on the auction house, unless the price is outrageous, if a person needs it they will buy it. Nobody goes without gems or enchants in their gear because it is too expensive. So the key is to undercut a tiny bit. You can usually undercut by 5 silver and your item will sell just as fast as if you undercut by 5 gold. So do the market and yourself a favor and don’t make big undercuts as they don’t help anybody (except for the person buying of course!).

    Don’t use Auctioneer. A mod can not really see the fluctuations in the market like a person can. It constantly undercuts too much and generally wastes your time/memory. You aren’t saving yourself any time by spending 20 minutes scanning and then having it do it automatically. Search the item that you are going to sell and relist it a tiny bit under the lowest price.


    In Burning Crusade Classic professions become even more useful and important, and in turn the potential to make gold with professions becomes even more viable. Below, each profession will be loosely ranked in regards to its ability to make gold based on a number of factors such as reliability and accessibility. Reliability in the sense of how often things will sell and how the profession will fare in later phases, and accessibility in the sense of how many options there are to make gold with the profession.

    S: Very profitable for most of TBC, even without rare/high-value recipes. Important for most/all classes.

    A: Reliably profitable without many rare/high-value recipes. Important for several classes.

    B: Decently profitable, but only with rare/high-value recipes or within the first phase. Important for only a few classes.


    Going through dungeons over and over is also an efficient way to get some gold in TBC Classic. Mainly you will want to burn in situations where there are a lot of enemies, such as slave fence or shadow maze, so you can make sure you get as much passive TBC gold from the enemies as possible.

    In addition to the passive gold that each opponent drops, you can also collect a number of sellable items and equipment that can increase your total income per dungeon. Rare boss drops that other players in your party don't want to keep can be sold for a little raw gold, while items tied to equipment can be sold to vendors or offered in the auction house for some extra gold.

    Hopefully this guide helps you to make some of that sweet WOW Classic Gold . If you need help getting your Fishing up to speed to catch the more valuable mats, If you want to save yourself the need to save money and give an impetus to the development of your Character, you can buy WOW Gold Classic from