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Players look forward to the return of Brewster in Animal Crossi

  • According to The Gamer, recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons data miners discovered some new code in the New Horizons update, including a line of "cCafe" code and traces of the cafe entrance in the camera settings. This code hints at some Animal Crossing Items information about Brewster and his cafe, The Roost, and he hints that the long-awaited pigeon barista Brewster may be returning soon.

    Although Brewster has not yet appeared in New Horizons, Brewster's code has been in the game for a long time. Although the latest update has modified this code, players still believe that Brewster will eventually return. Some players even saw a character that suddenly appeared when talking with villagers: Clay the hamster. When Clay was arrested, he still said: "I'm still awake! I think Brewster is right! 17 cups of coffee is 3 cups too much!" This makes players even more convinced that Brewster is about to return.

    In addition, data miners found the modified "MuseumLevel" code line, revealing that the game may be expanding the player's museum. Players who have played the Animal Crossing series for a long time are well aware that Brewster has made a major breakthrough in Animal Crossing: Wild World. His small cafe in the basement of the museum allows players to enjoy a cup of coffee and encounter various NPCs through time and date. This short "MuseumLevel" code may also Buy Nook Miles Tickets hint at exact information about where Brewster will open a store.

    Dodo Codes reports that Brewster is not the only thing hidden in the game code. In order to welcome the upcoming wedding season event in June, the game may also update the dialogues of the production villagers, fence customization, tools and many other items, and even include some new items with time-limited items. The game will try its best to bring Brewster back. After all, he is one of many missing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Players also hope to see familiar faces again in the game.