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The PC version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons appeared in the

  • Animal Crossing does not have a PC version, and it is unlikely to appear on PC in the future. On this point, Animal Crossing is consistent with other Nintendo series games. However, some players may wish to be able to play the Animal Crossing series of games on PC. Therefore, in order to satisfy this type of player, a developer created a fake Animal Crossing: New Horizons version on the Microsoft Store.

    On April 30th, Nintendeals discovered this fake version of New Horizons, and he warned players not to buy Animal Crossing games and anything else that were clearly not official Nintendo. This fake version has been on the store page since March 23, and purchases continue to Buy Animal Crossing Bells rise. It uses the cover and title of New Horizons. Although you know this is not a real Animal Crossing game, it is like some form of endless runners vying for animals to cross the busy city streets. The real Frogger in New Horizons is the same.

    It’s worth noting that in a real Animal Crossing game, no animals have to cross something. This fake game has now been added to the Microsoft platform, and it is priced at $2.99. It is very similar to Crossy Road, a free game in 2014, and has attracted mainstream attention. The developer HugoStudioLab emphasized the potential blind spots in the Microsoft Store review without other explanations. I have to admit that this is the best PC game similar to Animal Crossing.

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