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Now, enjoy the Animal Crossing New Horizons swimming pool

  • Recently, some players discovered a new loophole in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which can help them swim in different objects, including swimming pools and bathtubs. Soon, this loophole spread among Animal Crossing Items players, and everyone came to experience the fun of this loophole. Moreover, they hope that Nintendo can keep this loophole in the game forever, so that they can swim to their fullest in the hot summer.

    The most common use of new glitches is to relax in the many relaxing pools that have been fascinating in the game since the game was released. The most surprising thing about this malfunction is how good it looks once activated. You might think of weird clips or broken animations. But, on the contrary, it looks perfect, like Nintendo has tinkered with the ability to enter certain objects that you could not sit or interact with before.

    This new technique also allows you to climb into almost any object you want. Some players are using glitches to create creepy images of their villagers coming out of ghost wells, or simply sticking their characters in random objects.

    The malfunction seems to have been discovered earlier this month, and there are detailed videos on TikTok, YouTube and other video media that teach players how to implement this malfunction. Failures are easy to execute. You need a flat Animal Crossing Bells object. Like a puzzle, place this object near the edge of the rounded corner. Use a ladder to climb up the object, and then walk into the bathtub or swimming pool. After that, you can choose to be alone, or you can choose to chat with friends as you like.

    Many players consider glitches to be a useful way to create better-looking screenshots and videos. And it also makes up for the lack of content in the Animal Crossing game, and it provides players with more ways to interact with the items in the game.

    Many players think this loophole is very practical, they hope Nintendo can leave this loophole in the game, or in a similar way to increase their ability to interact with the pool and bathtub. However, this is estimated to be a difficult situation to achieve, because Nintendo almost never happens. So, before the loopholes have been fixed, enjoy the swimming pool to your heart's content!