• We reached out to our friends for insights into the highest-selling soccer jerseys of 2020. As you may recall, we released a top 10 jersey sales list in 2019 and were anxious to see how things have changed. Different from last year, the majority of 2020 sales to-date have come during a period of inactivity thanks to COVID-19.Get more news about Kids Mini jersey sale,you can vist futbolucl!

    That hasn’t stopped eager fans from supporting their teams, though! The 2020 list is more diverse, as well, with 10 different teams appearing in the top 10, including eight club teams. In 2019, only seven teams were represented in the top 10 with only four of them being club teams. When we released our 2019 graphic, FC Barcelona’s checkered home jersey was, surprisingly, only the sixth highest-selling jersey. Fast forward to now and the checkers are the highest-selling jersey of 2020 – much to the chagrin of fans who favor the traditional Blaugrana stripes. Hot on their tail, however, are three Premier League clubs – Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea. Of course, Liverpool are coming off their Champions League title and will likely win the 2019/20 Premier League season when it resumes. Chelsea has an American named Christian Pulisic.

    And Arsenal… well, they’ve always been popular in the U.S. despite a roller coaster of recent success.The biggest change from 2019 to 2020 are fewer U.S. Soccer jerseys. In 2019 there were four (4) U.S. Soccer jerseys represented thanks in large part to the FIFA Women’s World Cup and Concacaf Gold Cup. With no major international competitions in Q1, it’s no surprise to see eight of 10 top jerseys be those of club teams. By now you know teams traditionally have a home and away jersey. In recent years, however, special alternate jerseys have become more and more popular because teams are willing to take creative risks they wouldn’t otherwise with traditional jerseys. It’s no surprise whatsoever to see two alternate jerseys make the list of highest-selling soccer jerseys in 2020. PSG’s Jordan collaboration spawned a lovely fourth jersey and it’s selling like hotcakes. Chivas added a very fresh and very clean third jersey to the mix. While not in the top 10, Juventus debuted an alternate jersey with a Palace Skateboards collaboration. This trend will become more and more common as teams and apparel brands take creative risks to join the growing connection between the sport and lifestyle fashion appeal.