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NFL draft class studded with Cowboys stars

  • The NFL draft is over; the prospects’ backstories have been told and jersey numbers have been assigned. And while rookie minicamps for three teams conclude on May 10, most don’t crank up for another four days. And the league won’t release the 2021 schedule until Wednesday.To get more news about [url=]CeeDee Lamb[/url], you can visit official website.


    That leaves football fans with a lull… MAKING IT THE PERFECT TIME FOR A BIG FAT LIST!


    Longtime Cowboys reporter Rick Gosselin obliges with a fascinating and exhaustively-compiled exercise over at The Talk of Fame Network. He’s pored over the 86 drafts in NFL history to put together The Greatest NFL Draft of All-Time.As one would imagine from a franchise with five Super Bowl trophies, a heavy presence in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and an integral part in the history of the sport, the Cowboys are well-represented in this ultimate mock retro draft.


    The rules are simple… but the endeavor is anything but. Determine the best No. 1 overall pick from across every NFL draft ever. Then decide who is the best No. 2 overall pick. Then No. 3, and No. 4, and so on and so on… all the way to No. 259, to mirror the number of selections made in 2021.


    As Gosselin points out, some of the choices are obvious. (Is there any argument that Tom Brady is the best 199th pick ever made?) But others were much tougher: how does one settle on the top No. 4 selection from a group that includes Otto Graham, “Mean” Joe Greene, John Hannah, Jonathan Ogden, Walter Payton, Gale Sayers, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Ezekiel Elliott?


    It’s especially interesting to note how far down the list a few undisputed legends are, particularly players that required a massive roll of the dice from Dallas. Roger Staubach, Bob Hayes, and Herschel Walker are certainly among NFL royalty… but all were late-round gambles whose football futures were anything but guaranteed.


    The whole list is worth dissecting, but check out the spots where the Cowboys made what turned out to be historic calls and Gosselin’s thumbnail-sketch resumes of the men who were on the other end of the line.