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  • Two camps are claiming to be in possession of the REAL jersey worn by Michael Strahan in Super Bowl 42 ... which means someone has a FAKE.To get more [b][url=]Giants ELITE jersey[/url][/b] with cheap price, you can visit official website.


    And now, the situation is about to explode -- with both sides claiming they have solid arguments for why their jersey is the real thing.


    In one corner, Michael Strahan -- Pro Football Hall of Famer.


    In the other, Goldin Auctions -- one of the top sports memorabilia dealers in the country, which prides itself on trading in authentic items.


    Strahan claims after his NY Giants beat the New England Patriots on Feb. 3, 2008, he gave his jersey to a friend and instructed that person to take it straight to Strahan's hotel room for safekeeping.


    Per a source close to the NY Giants legend, Strahan is adamant the same jersey he passed to his friend ended up in a frame which is now on display at his home.


    If you take a close look, we're told those stains on the jersey are champagne and Gatorade stains from the locker room celebration.


    But, Goldin Auctions is disputing that claim ... insisting the REAL jersey ended up with a Giants equipment manager that day, who then passed it along to another person ... who brought it to Goldin Auctions.Goldin Auctions Founder and CEO, tells us he's had two well-respected photo match experts -- Mei Grey and Resolution Photo Matching Service -- take a look at his jersey and both agree his jersey is legit.


    Goldin also says when you take a close look at the jersey in Strahan's home, he believes there are obvious inconsistencies from high-definition photos of the jersey that were taken directly after the game.We are 100% confident the Strahan jersey in the auction is authentic," Goldin says ... "And the photo matching services letters and images speak for themselves."


    So, what happens next? We're told Goldin is prepared to defend his claims and will proceed with his auction.The most recent bid for the Strahan jersey is a cool $39k -- and Goldin believes it can crack $100k.