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top 10 draft pick it’s getting from Houston Texans

  • Never in history has there been a final day of the regular season with a combo platter of two delicious Dolphins subplots in tandem: Miami trying to make the playoffs early in the day and then trying vicariously to secure a top three draft pick later in the day.To buy more [url=]Houston Texans Jersey[/url] with cheap price, you can visit texans365 official website.


    The draft pick storyline has a greater impact on the franchise longterm, and here’s where things stand:


    If Houston loses at home to Tennessee on Sunday, that Texans’ first-round pick - owned by Miami because of the Laremy Tunsil trade - will be third overall.


    But if the Texans upset the Titans, the pick could end up as high as third or as low as ninth - or in between. The worst scenario for Miami: Houston wins and Atlanta, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Detroit, the Giants and Carolina all lose. Then Miami’s pick from Houston falls to ninth.


    Miami also possesses its own first and second-round picks (the first stands 23nd at the moment) and Houston’s second-round pick, which will be in the mid-to-late 30s.The Jets could take one of those quarterbacks at No. 2 or could stick with Sam Darnold, trade down themselves, or possibly take elite Oregon left tackle Penei Sewell.


    Only the Dolphins, Jets and Jaguars have two first-rounders in April’s draft, so the Dolphins moving down to acquire a third first-rounder in 2021 is unrealistic. But Miami - by moving down - could pick up another first-round pick in 2022 or, say, a second- and third-rounder in 2021.


    The depth at receiver in this draft is strong enough that the Dolphins could afford to drop several spots and still land help there.


    So what teams who will or could pick in the first half of the first round need a quarterback? Perhaps Detroit (if they want to plan for life after Matt Stafford), Carolina (if they determine they want to eventually move on from Teddy Bridgewater), Denver (if they opt for a better option than Drew Lock) and definitely Washington and New England. The Giants - who have Daniel Jones - can’t be ruled out either. Philadelphia - with Jalen Hurts and Carson Wentz - can’t be totally ruled out either.