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Nintendo secretly updated the Animal Crossing villager dialogue


    Animal Crossing New Horizons has been with players for more than a year. Many players pay attention to animal villagers, each villager has his personality, but over time they will find that the dialogue is monotonous and not fresh. Have you found that the Villager Dialogue has been quietly updated recently? but this has nothing to do with the update of the game event.

    Isabel has always been a very favorite member of players, and you may have noticed that Isabel speaks new things every morning. Although many players think her conversation is a bit redundant, she can also provide players with information. The developer also added more dialogues for other villagers.

    In addition, not all users know that there are some secret conversations in the game. Many conversations in ACNH are contextualized, depending on the user's clothing, items, and time of year. To maintain the personality of the villagers, many villagers who seem to be rude have not changed.

    The animal villagers in ACNH look more realistic, vivid and cute. You can often see them walking around the island with their belongings. If you like a certain villager very much, you can find a way to invite your island.

    There are options for inviting villagers into your island. If you don't like a certain villager, you can ask him to leave. Although you can also invite the villagers you like, you need to have extra space on your island and have the opportunity to meet the villagers. However, some players turn to the MMOSO site for help. As long as you invite the annoying villagers away, you can choose any villager from MMOSO to stay on your island. For details, please consult our 24/7 customer service.  Article From: