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How to make money with Aion Classic

  • Aion Classic has been receiving attention from players all over the world since it was launched this year. Although more than half a year has passed, there are still thousands of people in the first district. Aion Classic can almost compete with World of Warcraft.

    At the beginning of the Korean service, the 100W Kinah was as high as more than 100 $ , several times higher than that of more than ten years ago. So how does Aion Classic make money?

    1. Multiply Fastly

    Aion Classic is not bound to Aion Classic Kinah, and all Kinah acquired by players can be traded. The dropped Kinah, materials, and equipment are all very valuable. Especially in the later stage, a piece of equipment can be exchanged for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Kinah.

    Unfortunately, Aion Classic limits the amount of Kinah obtained per account per day, which is only about one million at most. It is also good when the gold price is high in the early game, but in the later stage, you still need to sell at auction to get more Kinah.

    2. Associate occupation

    Aion Classic's secondary professions are also very complete, not only can make various equipment and potions, but also can be upgraded. Similar to Guild Wars 2, the rich can reach the full level by sub-professionals.

    Different from other games, Aion Classic also has a crit system to produce high-level equipment. When making green equipment, blue equipment can be critically hit, and blue weapons also have a high price. In the early stage, a blue spear can even sell for hundreds of yuan. By analogy, you can also make golden equipment when you reach the master level.

    Of course, the assistant profession is not so easy to practice and requires a lot of money and time. Especially for ironing, the eternal ironing time consumption is very scary, and it often takes several hours to make materials.

    3. Instance Zones

    Although Aion Classic does not have dozens of instance zones like Warcraft, the benefits of instance zones should not be underestimated. One of the most famous is AK, and it was once rumored that the highest price was as high as hundreds of thousands. Although the difficulty of instance zones is not low, it is still very easy compared to the dozens of people in World of Warcraft.

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