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The Solution To The Rust Of Performance Built Log Splitter

  •     A large amount of waste wood is piled together, occupying space and wasting wood resources. If the problem of recycling of waste wood can be solved, it will greatly improve the shortage of wood resources.

    1. The temperature of Log Splitter's body is too high, and the wood raw materials processed by the wood shredder are easily affected by temperature and deteriorate. Therefore, users and friends should pay attention to the working time and internal temperature of the wood shredder when using the wood shredder.

    2. Failure to clean up the internal residues of the wood shredder regularly. After the wood shredder is working, there will be some small sawdust remaining inside the wood shredder. Over time, under the influence of temperature and humidity, the residual sawdust is easy to mold and deteriorate. If the user friend starts working without cleaning, the moldy sawdust will be mixed with the processed sawdust, which will affect the quality of the sawdust. Therefore, users and friends should clean the interior of the wood shredder regularly, and carefully clean every structure when cleaning the wood shredder.
    3. The Performance Built Log Splitter is rusty. Although the wood shredder was produced with anti-rust treatment, after a long time of work, the anti-rust coating of the wood shredder will be worn off. Therefore, users and friends should also regularly remove the rust from the wood shredder. jobs. And when it rains, pay attention to rain protection.