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Thickness Of Chipper Shredder

  •   The main function of Chipper Shredder is to process wood into flakes for the needs of different industries. However, different industries have different requirements for the thickness and size of wood chips, so they need to be adjusted according to different needs when processing.
       1. In production, the cutter cuts the wood and combines it with the fixed knife or the casing to realize the cutting of wood. To achieve the control of finished wood products, the angle and length of the cutting knife and the distance between the fixed knife are very critical.
      2. The extension length of the blade determines the thickness of the finished wood chip. Through the control of the extension length, the thickness of the finished wood chip of the wood chip machine can be adjusted.
    3. The angle of the blade has a great relationship with the size, but in general, this cannot be changed, most of which are determined by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. There is no way to adjust it. It is recommended not to adjust the angle of the blade without knowing it. change.
    4. The distance between the wood chip machine cutting knife and the fixed knife. If the distance is not well controlled, the moving knife will collide or bite with the fixed knife during use. This is very dangerous for production. The equipment itself has an important impact, and it also poses a threat to the operator, so manual rotation and debugging are required after adjustment.
       The thickness and size of the finished product of Petrol Log Splitter need to be controlled by the length of the blade of the equipment. During the operation, you must be careful not to hurt yourself, but in general, no special adjustment is required.