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Rapid Splitter Solves The Problem Of Dust

  • Solving dust pollution is a problem that Rapid Splitter manufacturers and customers must pay attention to; especially when the wind is blowing, the dust is even more dusty. This pollution not only harms the air but also harms the body of the integrated crusher staff, so it is solved The dust removal problem of the integrated crusher is very important.
    Use new dust-proof skills. Nowadays, the new comprehensive crushers produced by some comprehensive crusher manufacturers can reduce the emission of dust and maintain the effect of environmental maintenance. Others can also reduce the occurrence of dust through environmentally friendly comprehensive crusher operation methods to ensure a reasonable production process And the normal operation of transportation equipment to reduce the occurrence of dust or the appearance of garbage. No or less dust during the production process is the basis for managing dust. Close the production area of ​​the comprehensive crusher to avoid the spread of dust during the operation of the comprehensive crusher.

    Installation of dust collector: At present, most comprehensive crushers integrate smashing and dust collection. During the production process, there is little dust flying. The crushed materials are automatically entered into the collection bag through the action of rotating centrifugal force, and the dust is passed through the bag through the dust collection box. Filtered and discharged;
    The cloth bag is dustproof. One type of Log Splitter  uses a cloth bag to collect wood powder, which is tied tightly to the powder outlet of the machine to prevent air leakage and powder leakage. During operation, pay attention to blocking the powder outlet when parking. After the wind in the bag disappears, loosen the blockage and unload the powder. The cloth bag is generally sandwiched and can be made of ordinary thin white cloth. The size of the bag is appropriate. The bag should not be too dense, otherwise it will hinder the exhaust and affect the normal operation of the machine. Clean the cloth bag regularly or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the cloth bag.