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Electric Wood Splitter Stays Away From Harm

  • Electric Wood Splitter is an energy-efficient wood shredding equipment. The use of wood shredder is directly related to output and effect. The wood shredder must be operated in strict accordance with the instruction manual during use. In this way, the wood shredder can be kept away from damage. Today cnsuperpower will explain to you the correct use of wood shredder.
      1. The wood crusher has a rated speed. The user should not increase the operating speed without authorization. It is strictly forbidden to run at an excessive speed, and it is strictly forbidden to change the structure and performance of the machine.
      2. The movable knife should be fixed with high-strength bolts, not ordinary bolts.
      3. It is forbidden to open the casing or protective device during use, and it is strictly forbidden to overhaul or troubleshoot the machine while it is running.
      4. It is strictly forbidden for metal objects, stones and other hard objects to enter the wood crusher. If there is any abnormal noise during operation, the inspection should be stopped immediately.
      5. It is not allowed to wear gloves to operate, dress tightly, tie the cuffs of the clothes tightly, and tie long hair inside the helmet. It is strictly forbidden for people under 18 years of age and 60 years of age or people who are not familiar with the operation and safety regulations to operate alone.
      6. During work, it is strictly forbidden to extend the arm into the entrance of the safety shield and the protective cover, and it is not allowed to dismantle the protective devices of various parts at will. Wood peeling machine
      7. It is strictly forbidden to start work when drunk, sick or over-fatigued, and it is forbidden to stand or stay in the rotating plane of the cutter head.
      8. The work site should be spacious and equipped with fire protection devices, and the work site should be cleaned when the machine is not allowed to be turned on.
      9. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage to China Electric Chipper Shredder or personal accidents caused by failure to operate and use according to the instructions of the wood crusher or due to unauthorized changes to the structure of the machine and poor maintenance.