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How To Change The Bearing Of King Wood Splitter

  • Causes and Treatment of Jaw Crusher's Base Break

    When a large-scale device such as the performance built log splitter 13 ton is used, it is inevitable that there will be many problems, such as the breakage of the base, so what is the reason for this? What is the solution?
    The vibration energy generated by the normal operation of the jaw crusher is insufficient to cause the substrate to break. It is mainly due to the unstable elements in the operation of the crusher: if the crushing cavity of the crusher is seriously blocked, it will produce mechanical vibration, which will have a great impact on the substrate. After many similar vibrations, a foundation fracture is likely to occur. Jaw crusher jaws are not original or have been revised, which also causes uneven loading, twisting and wobbling during operation, causing the base to break. Jaw crushers are fundamentally fractured and are subject to simple welds or welding defects, so the machine may suffer from a fractured base during normal operation.
    The treatment plan for the crack of the jaw crusher base: the ordinary and simple maintenance is welding repair, but the effect of this repair is not ideal. In preparation for a major overhaul, the entire base can be welded with steel plates. High-strength bolts with larger diameters are embedded in the concrete foundation, and even if the jaw crusher operates violently vibrates, it will not adversely affect the foundation. If the jaw crusher is prone to abnormal vibration, please consider adjusting the jaw plate. Due to severe bearing wear, it is possible to break through the king wood splitter base to replace the bearing. If it is too loose or too tight, it can be replaced. Change to a more solid base to avoid similar problems from recurring.